We have over 75 years of experience and we continue to strive as the first day in designing, developing, manufacturing and commercialising turning machinery with the highest leve lof quality and technological innovation to meet the specific needs of our national and international clients.


To continue being a benchmark wolrdwide in the sector of turning by chip removal, seeking to obtain the greatest degree of customer satisfaction by offering a range of products and services of the highest quality, efficiency and security at competitive prices.


Our values are part of the DNA of METOSA. We promete the continuous quality improvement of our processes, offer a personalised service with specialised technical assistance, we are committed to the high technological innovation of our products, we produce a commitment with the company and the society, and of course we are committed to team cooperation and communication. Great teams make great things.

The key of our success is the sum of small efforts, repeated every day.


The Metosa Group is a company that promotes initiative and team spirit and the best ideas are from those who lead each new project. We believe this is a method that favours real collaboration between all the members of the team.


The connection that exists between the design teams, R+D+I and component management teams allows us to deliver highly innovative products, complying with the precision and quality requirements that are demanded by all our customers.


Recent improvements introduced in all the phases of the development and production of our range of lathes enables us to confirm that the quality and efficiency of the our products are above average.


Our customers are the centre of our activity with their needs and demands guiding the evolution of our company. The personalized treatment and the commercial attention at a high level are key factors in maintaining confidence to generate new commitments for the future.


We generate value for our clients, partners, employees, and collaborators, while at the same time we focus on corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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